Kalamazoo equestrian

Kalamazoo equestrian center

Set in an exceptional setting, our equestrian center opens its doors to all types of visitors: holidaymakers, tourists, amateurs or professionals of equestrian sports, group or association wishing to make a day recreation or activities in the company of horses. This center is nestled in an environment that allows horses to flourish. It is also a perfect place to discover all the activities that can be done on horse back whatever the level of knowledge of these animals.

A center for all

Family, friends, colleagues, lovers or solitary vacationer, you can come to us. We have instructors with all the skills and experience required to guide the horses and teach you how to ride and tame them. Several tracks, fields, paths and circuits are arranged in this equestrian center to learn and to make rides with pony or horse. Our instructors give courses, trainings and accompany our clients for the excursions. They are even dedicated to providing support for competitions and competitions of pros. Participants of all ages are welcome. So even if you are a beginner, you can always come to us. You will find a horse at your convenience.

Combining leisure, pleasure, nature and knowledge

Horse riding is not just a rather extreme sport and a thrill. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the nature and calm of the countryside. By doing this activity, children are taught respect for the environment, love for animals and mastery of animals. They can become more self-reliant and more confident. By teaching them how to manage animals, they will know what discipline is. It is precisely the objective of our equestrian center: to give everyone the opportunity to escape and to flourish entirely. The center is therefore not just a place of leisure. It is also a learning place for young and old, men and women. There are physical and mental exercises that contribute to the well being of the participants.