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Characteristics of French saddles

It’s fine to have a horse, but you must also have his amenities and a large area like a ranch for example. The most important of them is the saddles. There are types of saddles for a rider, and in each country also, let’s talk about French Saddle.

A luxurious saddle for your horse

The horse riding is not a sport for the French people, it is a hobby and more than this, a time of pleasure. We have to enjoy this kind of Entertainment this summer holidays. When we have a visit to an equitack shop, we have to look of the quality of the materials of its building. The most famous tannery of saddles is in France. For them, this is not a simple occupation; it is an art, and every step is a real kind of manufactures with a special touch. The more famous, is a saddle made from leather. The secret is simple, they choose skin in a downtown and treat it with a special oil to get his flexibility. We have to take care of the size and on the finality of his product, because french used saddles for horse and for a bike also.

Take care about your horse

You have to decide what you have to do with your horses. Is it for some courses, or just for some adventures or a company? By those activities, you choose the best saddles. We can take some advices from a horseperson experiences and to have also a training about horses and his environment. About the size, there is a saddle for children and for an adult, 15’’ is for child between 8 and 10 years old. It is also the best years old to begging a riding horse. The 17’’ is for a normal person, but for a big one, there is 18’’ or more. The difference is about the sewing work, it is more fineness and there is some esthetic inside the French saddles. They spend two in seven months to build a saddle.

French people love horses, that’s why customers are more serious and put some conditions before buying a saddle.