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the new antares dressage saddle

Antares is a brand of excellence in the saddlery industry. It puts on the market quality accessories for the practice of horse riding and all its disciplines. Today, we will invite you to discover Antares dressage saddles; horse riding accessories for a better practice of your favorite sport.

Practice Horse Riding With a High Performance Antares Saddle

The saddle is an important accessory for the practice of riding. It must be not only adapted to the morphology of the equine but also to the rider one. A good saddle is a guarantee of safety for the horse and the rider. That’s why the Antares brand offers quality saddles and high performance saddles for riding. Mainly leather, antares saddles are part of the high-end stool market. Their unique finishes make them not only functional objects but also luxury accessories for riding.

Available in several sizes (16 to 18 inches), Antares dressage saddles are perfectly adapted to the practice of this sport. Their quarters (long or short) allow all riders to be comfortable on their mount whatever their size.

Antares: Tailor-made Saddles for Everyone

Antares is a master in the art of designing custom saddles for riders. Given the importance of dressage, a difficult discipline, the French brand has therefore given itself the mission to put on the market accessories that best meet the requirements of this equestrian sport. Strong and light, these saddles are made to fit the morphology of your horse.

The saddles of the Antares brand are suitable for all types of riders. Beginners as well as experienced riders will have no trouble taming their new accessory. The new dressage saddles also guarantee you long years of use in front of you. Moreover, Antares guarantees its stool between 2 and 5 years. This demonstrates the quality of the brand’s products.